The R&D Centre has been organising various events to promote the research. It is also involved in various internal and external activities such as Seminar Series, Research Projects Guidance, External seminars on Recent Technologies etc.

College level Internal Seminars

In order to enhance the academic and research activities among the faculty members of our institution, college level seminars are organised once in every week. Research & Development Centre co-ordinates the seminars. Faculty members from each department present the seminar on rotational basis.

External Seminars

The R & D centre also organises external seminars to promote the research activities among the students and staff. The centre invites experts and resource persons from various institutions and industries and arranges seminars on latest research and developments in the field of Engineering and Technology.

Projects Guidance

The R & D centre encourages the staff and students to prepare project proposals in various areas of research in Engineering and Technology. Several proposals have been submitted to DST, CSIR, DRDO, AICTE etc.