National College of Engineering celebrated Republic Day function with pride and patriotism on Jan 26th 2020 at the college premises. Our beloved Principal Dr. A. A. Mohamed Faizal inaugurated the celebration and hoisted the flag. The NSS Co-ordinator Mr. C. Muthuvel, AP/ECE, welcomed the gathering. Various events like essay writing, poetry & drawing competitions were steered as Republic day events and prizes were distributed by the Principal. The Republic day address given by the Principal exhorted the staff and students to maintain the dignity of being a citizen of a great nation and everyone took a pledge to uphold the honour, integrity, dignity and uniqueness of our nation.

Mr. M. Ravikrishnan, HOD/Mech, spoke on the dedication and commitment of freedom fighters in freedom struggle and the unity in diversity of our nation. Vote of thanks was made by Mr. K. Mujib Mohamed Mustaffa, AP/S&H, at the end of the ceremony. The arrangements of the 71st Republic day function were made by NSS Officers Mr. C. Muthuvel, Mr. K. Mujib Mohamed Mustaffa, Mr. A. Prince, Mr. S. Mohammad Malik Mubeen, Mr. Nithin, Mr. Alfred, YRC Co-ordinator Mr. S. Alangaram and Physical Director Mr. R. Sundaraj.

Pride and festive cheer marked the Thai Pongal celebrations held at NCE. With the boundless support of the Benign Management and the Beloved Principal Dr.A.A.Mohamed Faizal, National College of Engineering celebrated the Tamil harvest festival - Pongal- with great joy and funfair in the quadrangle of our college. The staff and students sprang in traditional dress- in dhotis and Sarees- and depicted our cultural way of dressing and exhibited joy and pride as they filled the campus with the land’s cultural aura.

The HODs of all departments and all teaching and non-teaching staff of the college joined the celebrations along with the students who had made arrangements to cook a delicious, aromatic and sweet pongal dish in the traditional way in mud pot with all religious traits .The Students were assisted by the teachers in the preparation of the treat. It was a time of great camaraderie and gladness that was shared between the students and teachers. The sweet pongal dish was then distributed to all the professors and students making it a very memorable event at the start of this New Year 2020. Celebrations included drawing of Kolam, swinging & cooking of delicious Pongal.

The chief guest of the day, Principal Dr. A. A. Mohamed Faizal was highly impressed by the Tamil culture. He appreciated the teachers for their efforts to train the students. He encouraged everyone to know the significance of Pongal, imbibe, adhere and uphold the traditional values, and evoked the spirit of Pongal in each student by sharing the message of love and building strong relationship with their elders. Students learnt that these festivals are sacred moments that help everyone to establish love, unity and nourish their relationships. NCE celebrated Pongal in a memorable manner, which will stay evergreen in the memory of the students and staff members. The Principal and staff wished all the students their heartiest wishes in celebrating the pongal and to have blessed, successful, delightful and wonderful days ahead.

“Schooling doesn't assure employment but skill does.” ― Amit Kalantri

A Skill Enhancement Program- “Dig out the Potential”- was organized for the B.E CSE students by the Department of CSE, at NCE.

With a motive to engross the attention of engineering students, a Skill Enhancement Program- “Dig out the Potential”- was organized for the B.E CSE students by the Department of CSE, at NCE. The main objective of the program was to acquaint the developing computer engineers with the emerging ideas and trends on how to develop personality in the 21st century contexts. And to teach the budding engineers how to work with various professionals, people, and groups; to enhance their communication skills and interpersonal skills in order to function in the professional and social settings effectively; to enrich the academic language skills and implementation for setting goals and achieving both personal and professional goals.

Mr. N.C. Saravanan, the Guest Speaker, and Technical Head - Bobo Technology, started his main session on “Living in the 21st century: 21st century skills”. He pointed out how do we learn, live and work in this century and mentioned that the different aspects of personality and the crucial parts of communication skills are listening and attention. He discussed on understanding one's own self, transactional analysis and etiquette. In his talk on “barriers of communication skills”, he explained what the common barriers in communication are and how to overcome that.

The second session of the programme was focused on some strategies of time management namely goal setting, self-control, planning, execution/action, distractor overcoming etc.The final session was about CS-related projects that involve uncertainties which are to be managed during execution. He discussed the current technologies in development of web, mobile application, big data, cloud computing and artificial Intelligence and the projects the IT industry is looking for from the fresher. The students put forth lots of queries related to doing good projects and 'Why and How to Do a Good Project?' 

Mr. Rajkumar – Head / Bobo Technology coordinated the sessions with Mr. N. C. Saravanan and clarified all their queries with great enthusiasm. The Principal Dr. A. A. Mohamed Faizal, stimulated the department in organizing this knowledge-based stimulating programme. The Head of the Department Dr. A.Shameem Fathima facilitated all the desired requirements for leading this fruitful and amazing programme for the students and staff of the department. Mr. S. Rahmathullah, Ms. H. Akalya Baby and Ms. S. Minu Angel (Asst.Professors) coordinated the event.

NSS team of NCE led a free eye camp joining  hands with the Government Primary Health Care Center, Munanjipatti to the public of Thootakudi village at Thootakudi Panchayat office.

“The eyes like sentinel occupy the highest place in the body”. Reflecting the saying, the NSS team of NCE led a free eye camp joining  hands with the Government Primary Health Care Center, Munanjipatti to the public of Thootakudi village at Thootakudi Panchayat office. “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light,” this was the message spread across by the volunteers. As a part of the program, 30 members and 20 school students of Thootakudi Panchayat School visited for the checkup organized by NCE.

The program was inaugurated by NCE Principal Dr. A. A. Mohamed Faizal, Speaking on the occasion he stated that eyes play a prominent role in the human body and it is our responsibility to take care of them. He appreciated the NSS team for organizing a great socially responsible program. He expressed his gladness to announce that some of the people were listed out for free eye surgery through our camp and thanked Ophthalmologist Assistant Mrs. Muthulakshmi who participated in this camp.
All the arrangements of the eye camp were made by NSS Officers C. Muthuvel, A. Mujib Mohamed Mustaffa, A. Prince, S. Mohammad Malik Mubeen, Munanchipatti Medical Officer A.Gurunathan, Munanchipatti Block Development Officer Mr. John, YRC Coordinator S. Alangaram, Mr. Sheik Mohamed Basheer and R. Satham Hussain.

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