The inaugural function of IETE Student Forum in National College of Engineering was conducted on 18/09/2010 at 9.30 AM. Prof.K.A.Shahul Hameed, Coordinator IETE Students Forum NCE Welcomed to the gathering.

Prof. Dr.M.Mohamed Sitheeq B.E.,M.S.,Ph.D.,(USA) Principal,National College of Engineering, Maruthakulam, resided over the function.It was followed by Cheif guest introduction and memento presentation


The special address was given by Prof.Dr.P.Melba Mary M.E.,Ph.D., HOD/ECE


Prof. Dr.S.Arivazhagan,Ph.D, Chairman, IETE Sivakasi Subcenter inaugurated the IETE Students Forum, and delivered a special lecture on the topic “Pattern Recognition” to the IETE Student members.