The Department of CSE organized a Techtalk on “Skill Perceptions and Technical Challenges – For a Brighter Future” on 22nd Aug, 2019   for the B.E CSE students .This Techtalk by a renowned training expert Mr.S.Rama Subramanian M.E,MCTS, Head –Training and Delivery was organized for the CSE teaching professionals and the aspiring students to help them stay up-to-date in using technology and become better communicators in the workplace. The speaker elaborated how to create android applications by using rapid application development tools (App inventor 2). The session focussed on the importance of Workshop, Paper Presentation, Inplant Training, Internship, Additional Course Certificates, Mini Projects and Project Selection. The program coordinators were Mr.S.Rahmathullah and Ms.H.Akalya Baby and Ms.S.MinuAngel , Assistant Professors – Department of Computer Science and  Engineering .