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Published: 25th February 2020

Skill Enhancement Program “Dig out the Potential”

“Schooling doesn't assure employment but skill does.” ― Amit Kalantri

A Skill Enhancement Program- “Dig out the Potential”- was organized for the B.E CSE students by the Department of CSE, at NCE.

With a motive to engross the attention of engineering students, a Skill Enhancement Program- “Dig out the Potential”- was organized for the B.E CSE students by the Department of CSE, at NCE. The main objective of the program was to acquaint the developing computer engineers with the emerging ideas and trends on how to develop personality in the 21st century contexts. And to teach the budding engineers how to work with various professionals, people, and groups; to enhance their communication skills and interpersonal skills in order to function in the professional and social settings effectively; to enrich the academic language skills and implementation for setting goals and achieving both personal and professional goals.

Mr. N.C. Saravanan, the Guest Speaker, and Technical Head - Bobo Technology, started his main session on “Living in the 21st century: 21st century skills”. He pointed out how do we learn, live and work in this century and mentioned that the different aspects of personality and the crucial parts of communication skills are listening and attention. He discussed on understanding one's own self, transactional analysis and etiquette. In his talk on “barriers of communication skills”, he explained what the common barriers in communication are and how to overcome that.

The second session of the programme was focused on some strategies of time management namely goal setting, self-control, planning, execution/action, distractor overcoming etc.The final session was about CS-related projects that involve uncertainties which are to be managed during execution. He discussed the current technologies in development of web, mobile application, big data, cloud computing and artificial Intelligence and the projects the IT industry is looking for from the fresher. The students put forth lots of queries related to doing good projects and 'Why and How to Do a Good Project?' 

Mr. Rajkumar – Head / Bobo Technology coordinated the sessions with Mr. N. C. Saravanan and clarified all their queries with great enthusiasm. The Principal Dr. A. A. Mohamed Faizal, stimulated the department in organizing this knowledge-based stimulating programme. The Head of the Department Dr. A.Shameem Fathima facilitated all the desired requirements for leading this fruitful and amazing programme for the students and staff of the department. Mr. S. Rahmathullah, Ms. H. Akalya Baby and Ms. S. Minu Angel (Asst.Professors) coordinated the event.

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