The Committed National Service Scheme (NSS) of National College of Engineering (NCE) organized an awareness program for Dengue and Diabetes Day on November 14th 2019. The crucial intention of the Dengue and World Diabetes Day program is to raise awareness of the impact that diabetes and dengue  has on the family and to promote the role of the family in the management, care, prevention and education of the condition.The Principal of  NCE Dr.A.A. Mohamed Faizal presided over the function and extended his tremendous help for the successful completion of the program. He accentuated on the means to observe cleanliness to enjoy disease free life.Dr.Varatharajan, Siddha Doctor, Primary Health Centre, Munanjipatti delivered the chief guest address and erected   awareness about Dengue fever and Diabetes to the students and faculty members of NCE.  In his address, he highlighted the effects of Junk food and elaborated the importance of continual consumption of nutritious vegetables and leafy vegetables that can boost up one’s immunity. He enlightened clearly that the root cause of Dengue fever , the symptoms of Dengue Fever  the methods to eradicate them. He explained and also gave practical awareness about where it will be in. The awareness program was certainly conducive to keep the environment free from Dengue virus. The camp also disseminated a note of awareness to the volunteers who has undiminished concern for the society. All the arrangements of the awareness program are made by the NSS Officers Mr.C.Muthuvel, Mr.A.Mujib Mohamed Mustaffa, Mr.A.Prince, Mr.S.Mohammad Malik Mubeen, YRC Coordinator Mr.Alangaram and NSS Volunteers.