The E.C.E Department has the following laboratories to cover all the experiments prescribed in Anna University /A.I.C.T.E Curriculum and to support all research activities.

  1. Electronics and Devices Lab
  2. Digital Electronics Lab
  3. OOPS and Data Structures Lab
  4. Integrated Circuits Laboratory
  5. Communication Lab
  6. Microprocessor Lab
  7. VLSI Lab
  8. DSP Lab
  9. Embedded System Design Lab
  10. Optical & Microwave Lab


 Electronics and Devices Laboratory:


All basic electronic devices and their characteristics and  applications to provide exposure to the students with hands on experience on various basic engineering practices in Electronics components and devices.

Variable DC Power Supply (0-30V)

CRO 30 MHz

Digital Multimeter

Function Generator 1 MHz

DC Ammeter

DC Voltmeter

Consumables(Minimum of 25 Nos. each)

BC107, BC147, BC108, BC148, BC547, BC548

SL100, SK100 or Equivalent transistors.

Resistors ¼ Watt assorted

Capacitors,Inductors,Diodes ,Zener Diodes,Bread Boards,Transformers.


Digital Electronics Laboratory:

Digital Electronics labElectronic system design lab

In Digital Electronics lab, All Analog and digital IC related experiment can be carried out using trainer kit as well as software like VHDL. The testers for IC are available. This lab continues exploration of transistor switching circuits to include CMOS logic gates, latches, and flip flops. We will perform shift -register and counter circuits using small arrays of flip -flops.


Digital IC Trainer Kit

Analog IC Trainer Kit

Linear IC Trainer Kit

EPROM writer Trainer Kit

Universal IC tester

Analog and Digital IC tester

Power Supply 5V DC

Multi meter Digital

Computer with HDL software installed

Seven Segment Display


Bread Board



OOPS and Data Structures Lab:

To learn C and C++ programming language, exposed to the different data structures and familiar with applications using different data structures

30 processors

Windows XP platform

C, C++





Integrated Circuits Laboratory:

In this lab, we can analyze and design various applications of analog and digital circuits. It is used to design and construct waveform generation circuits and also we can able to design timer and analog and digital circuits using op amps.

Digital trainer kit


Cathode ray oscilloscope (20 MHz)

Cathode ray oscilloscope (30 MHz)

Function generator (1 MHz)

Function generator (2 MHz)

Function generator (3 MHz)

Function generator (10 MHz)

Single regulated power supply

Dual regulated power supply

Single regulated DC power supply

Dual regulated DC power supply

Fixed power supply (12V, 15V, 5V)

High voltage DC power supply


Communication System Laboratory:

The concepts of all type of modulation & demodulation can be studied. The recent communication techniques like fiber optic techniques can be demonstrated with available equipments. This lab has highly advanced digital storage oscilloscopes.

Cathode ray oscilloscope (20 MHz)

Cathode ray oscilloscope (30 MHz)

Function generator (1 MHz)

Function generator (2 MHz)

Function generator (3 MHz)

Function generator (10 MHz)

Fixed power supply (12V, 15V, 5V)

Single regulated power supply

Analog DC power supply

Digital storage oscilloscope

LCRQ meter

AM/FM demod kit

PSK mod/demod kit

FSK mod/demod kit

PCM mod/demod kit

Line code encoding

Line code decoding

PLL kit

PWM kit

PWM demod kit

PPM kit

PPM demod kit

Analog signal sampling

TDM kit

Noise power spectral density kit

Delta mod/demod kit

QPSK mod/demod kit

Microprocessor Laboratory:

This lab has various types of microprocessor, micro controller trainer kits along with interfacing modules to demonstrate the detailed applications of microprocessors.

8085 Microprocessor

8086 Microprocessor

8051 Microcontroller

8255 Interface Board

ADC-DAC Card Measurement Control board

Traffic Light Controller

Dual DAC interface

8251/8253 Interface Board

8259 Interface Board

Stepper motor Controller Interface Board


VLSI Laboratory:

To Design Entry and simulation of combinational logic circuits, sequential circuits etc. Test bench creation, functional verification, and concepts of concurrent and sequential execution is highlighted

FPGA VLSI trainer kit

Xilinx Spartan3E FPGA trainer kit

Higher End Xilinx Universal Kit

Multisim Simulation Software


Digital Signal Laboratory:

  Digital signal processing (DSP) is concerned with the representation of signals as a sequence of numbers and the algorithmic operations carried out on the signals to extract specific information contained in them. The programming language used here is MATLAB widely used for high-performance numerical computation and visualization

TMS processor

30 Computers


DSP Starter Kit (DSK)

DSP Trainer Kit

TMS 320c 6713 DSP trainer kit


Applied Electronics Laboratory:

The Electronic System Design domain encompasses a broad range of topics covering several aspects of both, digital and analog hardware systems, implemented using FPGAs and custom fabricated VLSI circuits, design methodologies around EDA flows, verification and validation, and system prototyping; realization of real time embedded systems where both the hardware and the software components are treated agnostically based on end system requirements.

Universal PIC Embedded Trainer kit

8086 Microprocessor Trainer kit(LCD)

FPGA/CPLD universal VLSI board

Cool Runner kit/Traffic light controller

Model Train board

(a) Universal pic embedded trainer

(b) Model train board

Micro512C LCD KIT

Elevator Simulator Interface

8279 Interface Board

8259 Interface Board

Stepper Motor Interface Board

DC motor interface board

Xilinx Spartan3E FPGA trainer kit

Higher End Xilinx Universal Kit

Frequency Synthesizer-PLL Synthesizing Oscillator

Universal FPGA Trainer Kits with a)I/O cards b)Add on cards for FPGA


Optical and Microwave Laboratory

In this lab, characteristics of Klystron power supplies, Gunn power supplies and microwave wave guides like directional couplers etc. can be studied.

Microwave Equipments 

Microwave Test Benches(using gunn oscillator) – X Band


Slotted Section With Probe Carriage

Tunable Probe

Direct Reading Frequency Meter

Frequency Meter Micrometer Type


Slide Screw Tuner

Movable Short

Matched Termination Low Power (X-4000)

Cross Directional Coupler 20 Db.(X – 6062)

Waveguide Twist (Xb-751)

3 Port Circulator ( Y )

Microwave Power Meters


Optical Equipments

Optical Fiber And Digital Communication Set Trainer Kit

Fiber Optic Link Kit With Transmitter,Receiver, Pulse Generator,Receiver Power Supply

Fiber Optic Power Meter Yc 2100  850,1310 & 1550nm

Optical Sources (Led & Ld)

Optical Detectors(PD& APD)