Chemistry Lab

Chemistry laboratory is equipped with necessary equipments and apparatus as per the curriculum of Anna University Chennai.

List of Equipments

  • Electronic Bunsen
  • Heating Mantle with regulator
  • Electronic balance
  • Chemical Balance with weight box
  • PH meter with Accessories
  • Digital Potentiometer
  • Glass electrode
  • Digital Conductivity meter with cell
  • Platinum electrode
  • Calomel electrode
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Flame photometer
  • Oswald viscometer
  • Mechanical shaker
  • Hot plate
  • Hot air oven
  • Water still

English Language Laboratory

It caters to the needs of B.E./ B.Tech students in strengthening their knowledge in Technical English and Communication Skills to serve as a launching pad for their technological career.

The prime objective of the Communication Lab is to enhance the communication skills of the students.
The lab is equipped with 35 Multimedia systems with internet facilities, LCD projector and an audio system.
The lab is equipped with Globarena Software.

A good collection of audio, video and CDs related to English language learning are also available.

Physics Lab

Physics laboratory is equipped with the following equipments and apparatus to conduct the Physics Practical as per the syllabus of Anna University, Chennai.

List of Equipments and Apparatus

  • Ultrasonic Interferometer
  • Spectrometer – Grating
  • Spectrometer – Prism
  • Traveling Microscope
  • Carey Foster Bridge apparatus with accessories
  • Band gap apparatus with accessories
  • LASER kit with all accessories
  • Hysteresis loss apparatus with accessories
  • Lee’s disc apparatus with accessories
  • Uniform bending apparatus with accessories
  • Non-Uniform bending apparatus with accessories
  • Viscosity apparatus with accessories
  • Torsional pendulum apparatus with accessories.