About the library

Library is the treasure house opened for academicians, students and academic community. The central library of NCE is well established with air conditioned facilities and has a large collection of books covering various branches of Engineering and Technology, Science and Humanities and related fields.

Reference Books1,2371,237
Students Reports1,002968
Bounded Volumes690147
Digital Resource1,382
E- Books356
Question Bank35
Periodicals100 (National & International)

Lending Services:

  • Free Open access
  • Reference Services
  • Current Awareness services
  • E- Journal (Full Text) Access
  • E- Books Access
  • Internet
  • Reprography
  • Referral Services
  • New paper clipping services
  • Article Alert services
  • Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
  • User Orientations



  • To provide quality services to the users
  • To disseminate technical knowledge
  • To become the best archive library and vibrant technical library
  • To offer modern tools for accessing information
  • To disseminate the resources among users for effective usage


  • To provide strengthen and enhance the teaching, research and service.
  • To promote intellectual growth and creativity by developing collections.
  • To provide teaching the effective use of information resources.
  • To provide excellent information resources and deliver quality services.

Goals :

  • To meet the requirements of academic needs of UG / PG students and faculty of the institution.
  • Developing and sharing comprehensive library collection.
  • Modernize the library infrastructures and ambience for readers to use the library facilities and services.
  • Conduct workshop on library resources usage.
  • To maintain a current and useful library collection reflecting the needs of all courses.

Special Services:

  • NPTEL video courses
  • British Council (Chennai)


  • Stock area section
  • Circulation Section
  • Reading section
  • Bounded volume section
  • Report (Project) section
  • Periodical Section
  • New arrival section
  • Reference section
  • E-resources access section

Network membership:

  • DELNET (Developing Library Network)
  • Instrument Society of India

Library Issue

Special Features of Library:

  • Fully automated with OPAC facility
  • Qualified, efficient and dedicated library staff ensures the best possible information services
  • Services and activities through “AUTOLIB” package
  • Enriched with vast and useful collections
  • Full bar coded for fast and accurate transactions
  • Good ventilation, well developed infrastructure
  • Standard text books and reference books by well-known authors are stocked
  • Many computers are provided in digital library section for online access
  • A closed circuit camera facility monitors activities across the library area

Working hours: (except Government Holidays)

Week days      :           9.00 am           to         7.00 pm

Sundays          :           10.00 am         to         4.00 pm

Important web site link

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  • E-journals

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