Career change can be a long process filled with small victories and setbacks. To build in a creative approach and provide an optimistic vision, the Department of CSE haughtily structured the event “Expert talk on Empowering the Career” on Monday, 14th Oct 2019 between 2.30 PM to 4:00 PM for the B.E CSE students.

            The first session of the ‘Expert Talk’, organized by the CSE Department, NCE, witnessed an energetic and insightful talk by Mr. Levin Samuel Team Leader @ Brassy Technologies, an IT solutions organization, servicing customers across APAC, EMEA regions. Mr.Levin addressed about What the future holds for computer science engineers? He gabbed about how computer science-related jobs are appealing in their versatility, earning potential and demand.

            The second session of the ‘Expert Talk’ by Mr. Manikandan Team [email protected] Brassy Technologies, was on the focus on the list of the career options available after Computer Science Engineering. He deliberated the ways to become a Software Developer, Computer Hardware Engineer, Computer Network Architect, Database Administrator, Information Security Analyst, Computer System Analyst, Web Developer, Computer Programmer. A spot event was conducted at the end of the session and the winning students were presented a “GO GREEN” gift by the department.

The Principal Dr.A.A.Mohamed Faizal, motivated in organizing this expert talk to prepare the students for a highly competitive future. The Head of the Department Dr. A.Shameem Fathima facilitated all the desired requirements for conducting this event to develop students’ skill at different stages of their academics. Mr Anoop, Web-Designer, MH Trust and Ms.Gopika, PRO,MH Trust honoured the event by their august presence and great support.

Mr.S.Rahmathullah and Ms.S.MinuAngel, Asst.Profs/ Dept. of CSE coordinated the event. Welcome Speech and Vote of thanks was given by the CSE students.