Nellai College of Engineering

Civil Department Laboratories


Surveying is the important field in civil engineering .This laboratory enables the students to understand the fundamental principles of surveying using equipments includes steel tapes to GPS .The functionality of the laboratory lies outside, where students are expected to actively survey. From this  Laboratory , students have the opportunity to learn the measurement of  horizontal and vertical distances and also the angles using various equipments.

Major equipments in Surveying lab:

Total station , Plane table , Theodolite , Dumpy level , Prismatic compass, Measuring tapes, Ranging rod, Leveling staff , Prisms, etc.,

Lab in charge : Mrs. M. Renganayagi

Soil Mechanics

Geo technical engineering involves the understanding and prediction of behavior of soil. It is important to quantify these properties to predict how soil will behave under field loading for the safe design of soil structures. The main objective of a laboratory course are to introduce soil mechanics techniques and to familiarize the students with common geotechnical test methods , test standards , and terminology.

Major equipments in Soil mechanics lab:

Relative density  apparatus, CBR machine , vane shear apparatus, standard sieves, plastic limit test sets, shrinkage limit test sets , balance etc.,

Lab in charge : Mrs. M. Renganayagi

Computer Aided Design Laboratory

CAD is the software used in civil engineering to evaluate plans and designs. In this Laboratory students get professional training on 2D and 3D drawing of civil engineering using the latest version of Autocad software. The facility has been designed and structured to take care of professional certification program for students.

Lab in charge : Mr. Darral Alfred. A

Concrete and Highway Engineering

The concrete and highway laboratory enables the students to examine the properties of materials such as fine aggregates, coarse aggregates, cement and concrete by various standard tests. The properties of fresh and hardened concrete can be examined and also the strength and behavior of bitumen , tar etc., can be determined. From this laboratory course, students will expertise in the material properties and also their testings to be done before the construction work.

Major equipment in concrete and highway lab:

Slump cone apparatus, compaction factor apparatus , cube moulds, cylindrical moulds, vee bee consistometer , compression testing machine etc.,

Lab in charge : Mr.A. Alangaram

Environmental Engineering

The environmental engineering laboratory is used for standard test methods and equipment for the measurement of important environmental parameters. It is also used to examine the physical , chemical and bacteriological characteristics of water and waste water  which are important in the design of treatment facilities and in the provision of acceptable water quality.

Major equipments in environmental lab:

UV spectrophotometer, Photoflame apparatus, COD digestor, BOD incubator, Flouride / Ion testing set , Turbidity meter , Infiltration apparatus etc.,

Lab in charge : Mr. Darral Alfred. A

Strength of Materials

Demonstrating the basic principals in the area of strength and mechanics of materials and structural analysis to the undergraduate students through a series of experiments is the objective of the strength of materials lab. Measuring the properties of the materials such as impact strength , tensile strength , compressive strength , hardness , ductility are conducted in the lab.

Major equipments in strength of laboratory lab:

Universal testing machine , Torsion testing machine, Impact testing machine, Brinell Hardness testing machine, Rockwell hardness testing machine etc.,

Lab in charge : Mr.A.Alangaram
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