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Electronics and Communication Engineering

The Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) bringing your own thoughts in the world’s next brilliant technological advancement amazes you and this path can be achieved by pursuing higher education. One of the broad engineering fields in the world is Electronics and Communication, which involves the transmission of information across channels. Electronics is now a part of our day to day life, for example pocket FM radio, televisions, computers, mobile phones and even the high-end satellites, etc. In a nutshell, this branch of engineering deals with electronic devices and software interfaces in all fields such as defense, Telecommunication & IT industries, Health care equipment manufacturing, Mobile communication, Internet technologies, Power Electronics, other industries like steel, petroleum & chemical industry, directing control and testing production process. It also deals with designing equipments such as routers, switches, fiber optics and electronic switching systems. Even health care industry uses electronic instruments to perform various tests. Globally ECE is one of the fastest growing fields of engineering; there is a lot of scope for innovation and also has enormous employment in this field.

The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) was established in the year 2000. It has built excellent reputation in teaching with highly qualified faculty members. The aim of the programme is to undertake and promote state of art technology and formal education in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

The Department equips our students with designing, analysis and manufacturing of electronic devices, wireless devices, integrated circuits and so on in department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. This discipline trains the students to design and develop the non-linear and active electronic components, passive electrical components, integrated electronic circuits, devices and systems and also including system based on printed circuit boards. Electronics and Communication department is established with well-equipped laboratories and research facilities. These laboratories provide a platform for learning more in practical aspects apart from theoretical knowledge.

The student offers a scope in the field of research and shown exponential growth towards the current industrial needs and provides a wonderful platform for the placement as well as higher studies.

The Department enables the students to realize their greatest potential in terms of their contribution for the betterment of the individual, society, nation and the world as a whole.
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