Nellai College of Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering Laboratories

The aim of Electronics and Communication Engineering laboratories is to give practical experience to the students and also to implement the theory in practical aspects to gain their knowledge in various fields.

The E.C.E Department has the following laboratories to cover all the experiments prescribed in Anna University /A.I.C.T.E Curriculum and to support all research activities.

Engineering Practices Laboratory

To Provide exposure to the students with hands on experience on various basic engineering practices in electronics engineering. Electronics is a branch of science which relates to the conduction of electricity through vaccum tubes, gases, semiconductors.


Soldering guns, Assorted electronic components for making circuits, Small PCBs, MultiMeters, Study purpose items: Telephone, FM radio, low-voltage power supply

Circuit and Devices Laboratory

All basic electronic devices and their characteristics  and applications to provide exposure to the students with hands on experience on various basic engineering practices in Electronics components and devices.


Variable DC Power Supply (0-30V),CRO 30MHz, Digital Multimeter, Function Generator,1MHz,DCAmmeter,DCVoltmete r, Consumables(Minimum of 25Nos.each), BC107, BC147, BC108, BC148, BC547, BC548,SL100, SK100orEquivalent transistors., Resistors¼Wattassorted, Capacitors, Inductors, Diodes, Zener Diodes, BreadBoards, Transformers.

Analog and Digital Circuits Laboratory

In this lab, we can analyze and design various applications of analog and digital circuits. It is used to design and construct waveform generation circuits and also we can able to design timer and analog and digital circuits using opamps.


CRO (30MHz),   Signal   Generator

/Function  Generators (3MHz),Dual Regulated Power Supplies(0–30V), Standalone desktop PCs with SPICE software, Transistor/FET (BJT-NPN-PNP and NMOS/PMOS, Dual power supply/ single mode power supply,  IC Trainer Kit  ,BreadBoards, Computer with HDL software  ,Seven segment display, Multimeter

OOPS and Data Structures Lab

To learn C and C++programming language, exposed to the different data structures and familiar with applications using different data structures.


Stand alone desktops with C++Compiler( or ) Server with C++compiler supporting, C++compiler.

Circuit and Simulation Laboratory

This lab is to give you an opportunity of comparison on the results of simulation with the real data obtained. Comparison of simulations with your measurements will, hopefully, give you a better insight in the operation of these circuits.


CRO (30MHz),   Signal   Generator

/Function Generators (3MHz),Dual Regulated Power Supplies(0–30V), Digital Multimeter, Digital LCR Meter, Standalone desktop PCs with SPICE software, Transistor/FET (BJT-NPN-PNP and NMOS/PMOS, Transistors, Resistors, Capacitors, diodes, BreadBoards, Transformers SPICE Circuit Simulation Software(any public domain or commercial)

Linear Integrated Circuits Laboratory

The objective of this lab is to learn the concepts and employ it to design various integrated circuits using operational amplifier, PLL, 555 Timer and voltage



Dual,(0-30V), variable Power Supply CRO30MHz,DigitalMultimeter,Function Generator 1MHz,ICTester(Analog), Breadboard

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

Digital signal processing (DSP) is concerned with the representation of signals as a sequence of numbers and the algorithmic operations carried out on the signals to extract specific information contained in them. The programming language used here is MATLAB widely used for high-performance numerical computation and visualization





DSP StarterKit(DSK) DSP TrainerKit

TMS320c6713DSP trainerkit

Communication System Laboratory

The concepts of all type of modulation & demodulation can be studied. The recent communication techniques like fiber optic techniques can be demonstrated with available equipments. This lab has highly advanced digital storage oscilloscopes.


Cathode ray       oscilloscope (20MHz),Cathode ray oscilloscope (30MHz),Function generator(1MHz),Function generator(2MHz),Function generator(3MHz),Function generator(10MHz),Fixed power   supply   (12V,   15V, 5V),Single regulated power supply,  Analog DC power supply, Digital  storage oscilloscope, LCRQmeter, AM/FM Modulato r/demodulator kit, PSK Modulator/demodulator kit, PCMModulator/demodulatorkit ,Line code decoding, PLLkit, PWMkit, PWM demod kit, PPMkit,PPMdemod kit Analog signal sampling, TDM kit, Noise power spectral density kit,Delta mod/demodkit, QPSKmod/demodkit


Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory

This lab has various types of microprocessor, microcontroller trainer kits along with interfacing modules to demonstrate the detailed applications of microprocessors.


8085Microprocessor,8086Microprocessor,8051Microcontroller,8255 Interface Board, ADC-DACCard Measurement Controlboard, Traffic Light Controller, DualDACinterface,8251/8253Interface Board,8259 Interface Board, Steppermotor Controller Interface Board, PIC Microcontroller

VLSI Laboratory

To Design Entry and simulation of combinational logic circuits, sequential circuits etc. Test bench creation, functional verification, and concepts of concurrent and sequential execution is highlighted


FPGAVLSItrainerkit, Xilinx Spartan3EFPGAtrainer kit,  Higher End Xilinx Universal Kit, Multisim Simulation Software ARM Processor

Embedded Laboratory

The primary objective of embedded system lab is to provide students thorough knowledge  of real-time operating systems, real-time debugging, and embedded systems.


Embedded trainer kits with ARM board, Embedded trainer kits suitable for wireless communication, Adequate quantities of Hardware, software and consumables

Advanced Communication Laboratory

In this lab, principles and applications of optical, Microwave and digital wireless communication can be studied.



MicrowaveTestBenches(using gunnoscillator)  –  X  Band,  V.S.W.R.Meter, SlottedSectionWithProbe Carriage, Tunable Probe,DirectReadingFrequency Meter, Frequency  Meter Micrometer Type,VARIABLEATTENUATOR-0-20Db, SlideScrewTuner,Movable Short, Matched  Termination  Low  Power  (X-

4000),  Cross  Directional  Coupler  20

Db.(X – 6062), Waveguide Twist (Xb-



Wireless CommunicationEquipments

Digital Communications Teaching Bundle (Matlab), Transmit/receive pair of NI USRP-2920 transceivers


Optical FiberAndDigitalCommunication SetTrainerKit,FiberOptic LinkKitWith Transmitter,Receiver, Pulse Generator,ReceiverPowerSupply,Fiber OpticPowerMeterYc2100 850,1310


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